The facilities and services of the library are available to the following:

  • All registered students of the JBLF-System.
  • All academic and administrative officers, faculty, members and employees of the college/university.
  • Alumni.
  • Researchers and students from other schools with proper identification are welcome, but are subject to the online inter-library loan policy.

All students duly enrolled at the John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation and all faculty and administration staff are entitled to use the library facilities subject to existing new library rules and regulations.

b.1 Circulation Rules for Borrowing and Returning Library Materials

  • Books (Professional, General Education, Filipiniana, and Fiction) may be borrowed for a maximum of one (1) month and renewed for another month unless recalled by another user.
  • Online access to e-journals is available via the link provided on the JB Library website.
  • Only 10% of the book content can be reproduced for online document delivery in accordance with intellectual property rights.
  • Theses and research output are not to be copied or removed from the library.
  • Users are required to fill-in the Ask LISA form for every transactions
  • The returned books may be dropped in the Book Drop Box provided at the Main Library, where in the borrower can drop the books that is wrapped in a paper with his/her name, Identification number, and date returned.

b.2 Lost and Damaged Books

  • Books that are lost or severely damaged must be replaced with the same title or paid for at the current price.
  • Accounts should be settled prior to the signing of semestral clearance.

b.3 Online Inter-Library Loans

  • Online Inter-Library Loans are accepted as long as they have the following requirements:
      • Present or send a letter duly signed by their Head / Chief / Director of Library through
  • Any student from other Colleges or Universities can make use of the JBLCF library by filling up the Ask LISA form for every transactions.

NOTE: JBLCF students who decide to do research at other libraries are given recommendation letter addressed to the librarian of the school where they are going to do research.