Brief Description of the Library

The Library is the heart of the educational institution and an instrument for intellectual development. It provides quality print, non-print, and electronic sources that support the curricular offerings of the institution in order to meet the information needed by its clienteles.

Libraries exist to provide equal access to information and to preserve knowledge and culture that cater to the needs of diverse communities and all kinds of users.

The JBLF System Libraries deliver quality services in a safe environment for its clienteles and advocates to provide services according to International Quality, Safety, Health, and Environmental Protection standards.


The JBLF libraries shall provide quality resources and innovative services to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity and to support the instruction, research, extension, and educational needs of the diverse community it serves.

Departmental Objectives


The JBLF System Libraries shall support the academic objectives and programs of the institution through the provision of adequate, quality, and relevant print, non-print and electronic resources which focus on the thrusts of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection.


  1. To acquire organize and provide adequate library resources to support the academic objectives of the institution.
  2. To maintain a high level of accuracy and efficiency in organizing the library holdings for fast and easy retrieval and access of information.
  3. To continuously upgrade the library staff in the current trends of librarianship with the aim of improving and innovating the library services.
  4. To coordinate with the different unit libraries and promote cooperation in sharing of resources for the betterment of the institution.
  5. To actively participate in the research instruction, and extension services of the institution; and
  6. To abide with the administration’s Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental Policy in the establishment of the library as an integral part of the educational system.